Jellyfish Tanks

Our jellyfish tanks have a well deserved reputation for structural integrity, ease of use, and value. Having started this company with jelly tanks in mind, we have built more of them than virtually anyone on the planet. You can find our work in such aquariums as Oregon Coast Aquarium, Monterey Bay Aquarium, and New England Aquarium just to name a few. Several years ago, we decided to also start keeping jellies in house in order to better understand the functionality of these tanks and have made many improvements to previous designs that provide added safety and convenience without extra expense.

We offer several sizes and configurations to suit most any need. From the 24" pseudokreisel which is a small, affordable tank perfeclty suited for holding, culture, and small displays to the large 10' long x 6' high stretch kreisels which can house virtually any species. We offer 3 basic background colors, clear, black, and the gorgeous infinite blue. Our standard depths range from 8 - 18" but can vary according to your needs. Each tank comes fully drilled & tapped for for supply/return lines or drilled for the included Hayward bulkhead fittings. Extra suction screen frames and gaskets to keep downtime to a minimum are included as well as all other necessary hardware (300 series stainless steel screws, washers, etc...).

For our cylindrical tanks we use only cast tube from Reynold Polymers in two diameters; 36"OD & 44.5"OD in 2, 3, & 4 jet configurations which can house a variety of jellies as well as seahorses and sea dragons.

Modified Boxes or "Tumblers"
Can be thought of as elongated pseudokreisels that do offer some advantages over kreisels for certain species including Chrysaora sp. and Aurelia sp. Tumblers allow for much larger volume so more animals can be housed making them ideal for larger holding systems as well as some very dramatic displays. They also allow for much of the sides to be viewed as well as the front so they have excellent viewing area per square foot of floor space.


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