At Envision Acrylics, Inc, we manufacture only museum grade aquariums - designed and built to compliment any decor. We build to your exactClick To Enlarge specifications with great detail given to every phase of manufacture, from engineering to finish to transportation.

We build our aquariums using only the highest grade domestic cell cast acrylic such as Spartech Polycast & Cyro Acrylite GP. Our aquariums are engineered to have minimal deflection rates for maximum strength & beauty.

Our manufacturing process allows joints that are completely free of voids and excessive bubbles that are not only unattractive but degrade the quality of the joint itself.

Click To EnlargeFor finish, we offer several options; from a clean, smooth routed edge (which we ease at no extra charge), flame polishing, sanding & buffing, to Micro-Meshing - a process of sanding all the way to a 12,000 grit abrasive cloth in which no other polishing is required. All edges and access holes are eased for the safety and comfort of the aquarist.

For tanks we ship, we custom build crates and surround the tanks with 3" of urethane foam. This helps insure that your new aquarium arrives in pristine condition.

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